Phil's Boot Camp, North East

Welcome! Phil's Boot Camp is a North East fitness training group in South Shields and expanding out across the region.

Our motto is "Fitness For All" and with sessions held in South Shields and soon to be extending around the region, Phil's Boot Camp gives you the power and flexibility to get yourself into shape in a great environment.

Phil is just as passionate about your fitness as you are. Whether you prefer our team sessions or 1 to 1 training with the man himself; Phil and the rest of us at boot camp make sure you get the best long term benefits from the outdoor fitness sessions.

Who is Phil?

Phil Pitt is the dynamic force behind Phil's Bootcamp. A ball of energy and motivation, Phil's goal is to inspire people to take ownership of their health and fitness by channeling his ethos into others. This ethos is

"Money or accessibiity can't stop you training. I'm here to give everyone of every ability and background access to a high class fitness programme regardless of how much money they can afford to spend on it."

Phil has the history to back up the success of his vision - An ex-professional rugby league star and amateur track athlete, he is a qualified instructor and has coached professionally with demonstrable results.

Phil believes that everyone should strive to be better and is currently working with an Olympic athlete to hone his own fitness. His success as a coach with Rugby League and school children has compounded his passion for assisting others to achieve their ambitions.

Using this expertise and the techniques honed through years of practical experience Phil wants to show everyone that they can do it.

Phil believes in you.


Phil says:

Phil's Contact Information

Telephone 07706624295
Email [email protected]

Phil's Boot Camp has a dedicated following on Facebook. Don't forget to join the group and discussions!

Phil's Boot Camp proudly promotes Razzmatazz Circus.

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